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Natural Habitat Vendor Agreement & Guidelines

  1. Financial

    1. Commission 

      1. There is a 20% processing fee on all NET sales that is commissioned to ‘Natural Habitat’

        1. Example: $10 item before tax, $2 commission fee 

    2. Taxes 

      1. taxes will be collected and reported on each sale on your behalf through our online payment process, you are responsible for claiming/reporting all taxes collected on the sale of your items.

      2. we will have no obligation to determine your taxes. As well as claim, calculate or remit taxes on your behalf. 

      3. if a taxing authority requires that Natural Habitat pay any of the Vendor’s Taxes, the Vendor  will indemnify Natural Habitat and promptly reimburse Natural Habitat for the amount paid and  in, any event, no later than thirty (30) days following the date the Vendor receives notice  from Natural Habitat demanding reimbursement

      4. Natural Habitat will collect 12% tax on all items and pass along to vendors. The Vendor will be responsible for the reporting, and payment of any and all of the Vendor’s Taxes;

    3. Payments 

      1. Registration 

        1. payouts will be paid via online banking using the email submitted in your application 

      2. Payouts 

        1. payments to vendors will be made twice a month. 

        2. sale commissions will only be added to your payout amount once the item has been received by the customer and the order has been fulfilled. 

        3. payments will be made on the 1st & the 15th of every month

        4. with every order you will be forwarded the customer order with all mailing and financial information about the sale. 

        5. all sales within the pay period of the 15th-31st will be processed on the 1st & all sales between the 1st & the 14th will be processed on the 15th. Payouts will be made within 3-5 days of processing through online banking/e-transfer.

        6. final sale reports & pay period summaries will be sent on the 1st & 15th. 


  1. Shipping

    1. Product Delivery

      1. Vendors are responsible for product delivery unless otherwise agreed upon between Vendor and Natural Habitat

      2. You will be emailed an order confirmation as soon as an order is placed through our website.

        1. Order confirmation will include

          1. Item purchased

          2. Customer information (email, name, address)

          3. Receipt

          4. Shipping Address

      3. You will be expected to respond to this email within 2-3 business days, letting us know that you are preparing the order for delivery. 

      4. We expect this item to be shipped within 5-7 business days of the order date. 

        1. If item is delivered by hand - we will require a delivery confirmation by sending a picture of item at shipping address emailed to including the ORDER NUMBER once item is delivered to customer 

        2. If item is delivered by mail we will require shipping confirmation details & information (date, tracking #, shipping type)

      5. Once we receive delivery confirmation the order will be marked as delivered and fulfilled and will begin processing your payout/commission. 

      6. All orders must be delivered by the Vendor (unless otherwise arranged with the shop manager), there will be NO order pick ups.

If you will not be available to ship your item within 5-7 business days - please let us know as soon as you receive the order confirmation. 

If you have plans to be out of town or ‘out of the office/service‘ in advance, please coordinate with us as soon as possible. 

  1. Customer Service 

    1. All items are final sale - we are not accepting returns/exchanges/refunds

      1. If there are any discrepancies or problems with the order, the store manager should be notified immediately to help resolve the issue with the customer. 

      2. Discrepancies may include;

        1. Out of stock 

        2. Item damaged

        3. Item missing 

        4. Incorrect address

        5. Customer not reachable 

        6. Customer does not want to accept item

    2. Vendors cannot contact customers directly. All communication between the ‘Natural Habitat’ store and customers must be made by the shop manager. Unless otherwise decided by the shop manager. 

    3. Items should be properly delivered and appropriately presented/packaged. 

  2. Costs 

    1. Shipping costs will be determined and set by the vendor upon product submissions.

      1. Please let us know what your preferred method of delivery will be.

        1. Local Hand Delivery by you the Vendor (rate determined by vendor)

          1. Hand delivering yourself will allow for cheaper shipping costs for customers but also may result in more challenges delivering the products. (Primarily delivery to apartments or unusual locations.)

        2. Shipping via Canada Post (rate determined by Vendor)

          1. Canada post shipping will ensure the most reliable delivery method, though depending on the size and weight of your products it may be more cost effective to hand deliver. If choosing this method, you will need to determine Canada Post shipping costs before submitting the item to the product submission form.

        3. Shipping by Natural Habitat Store (pick up and delivery required for flat rate of $10 shipping paid by customer)

          1. If you do not have a car or would not like to use Canada post, you can contact our shop manager and she can make arrangements to support you with this part of the process. $10 shipping cost will be added to the cost of the item on the website and paid by the customer for this option. (this shipping cost is paid to shop manager)


  1. Your shipping costs will be automatically added to your products on our website and included in your total sale. 

  2. You will receive 100% of shipping sales. Unless shipping is fulfilled by the shop manager for a flat rate of $10.

  3. All shipping costs will be paid by the customer. 

  4. If the pre-determined shipping cost does not cover total shipping expenses we will not be responsible for the deficit. 

  1. Product Liability 

    1. Natural Habitat is NOT liable for any broken or damaged items.

  2. Shop Shipping (option)

    1. If you are not able to deliver your items independently we will make arrangements accordingly on a case by case basis at an additional fee

    2. We will need to agree to deliver your item before it is made available on our site for an added cost of $10 per item to the store manager (at the customers expense). 

  1. Membership

    1. Sign Up

      1. To participate in our online market there is a  $25 monthly  membership fee. 

      2. The first month of your membership is FREE

      3. Minimum 3 month membership commitment - cancel any time afterwards

      4. To cancel this membership you have to contact the shop manager who will cancel the membership for you. 

      5. Membership is purchased on our website.

    2. Inclusions 

      1. This membership fee includes;

  1. A featured space on our website

  2. Promoting of your products on our social media

  3. Collection showcase on our website

  4. Priority vending spots at physical markets & events

  5. Discounted  vendor’s fee at physical markets

  6. A custom URL link to purchase and shop your products

  1. Communication 

    1. Product Submissions

      1. New products will be added through filling out our Product Submission forms

      2. The forms allow for 5 products at a time, but you can submit up to 15 products per month.

      3. New items will be added to your collection within 5 business days

    2. Processing & Procedure 

      1. Any inquiries or requests regarding your collection must be communicated through our shop email

      2. Once an order has been placed you will be expected to communicate effectively and promptly via email within 2-3 days

      3. Any discrepancies with your orders should be communicated through email to the shop manager promptly 

      4. Vendors should only contact customers via email with cc to Natural Habitat regarding shipping and delivery if need be with provided templates 

        1. Ready to ship

        2. Shipped

        3. Delivered

                    (Templates coming soon..)

  1. Expectations & Requirements 

    1. Customer Attribution 

      1. If you acquire a new customer through our site we hope that you’ll respect our partnership to continue directing that customer to your custom collection on

    2. Confidentiality 

      1. Agreements made within this partnership should not be made public and should be kept confidential. 

      2. Customer details must be kept confidential and should not be used to build personal email lists or contacted outside of our organization without permission of customer or the ‘Natural Habitat Shop’

      3. Simply put - contact information gathered through an order on our site should not be used for any other use than to deliver the item to a customer. 

    3. Representation & Relationship

      1. As a vendor within our ‘Natural Habitat Arts Market’ project you will be expected to have, hold and share a respectful representation of your involvement with our project.

      2. We are a grass roots not for profit organization that is here to work together with vendors, staff and the community to build a vibrant and active arts exchange in the City of Winnipeg. Our goal is to support local art and we ask that you support us in building this for our audiences. 

    4. Community Guidelines 

      1. We hold the right to decline the sale or promotion of certain works that do not fall within our community culture. 

    5. Marketing 

      1. Natural Habitat will guarantee vendors website traffic and newsletter promotions to our store. We do not guarantee sales. 

      2. We will use our ‘Habitat Arts Collective’ Instagram and Facebook to share and repost your work 

      3. If you would like to have additional advertising spent on your products you can contact our shop manager to discuss various options connecting you more directly to our networks (sharing to our other social media pages and festival audiences)

      4. We encourage you to share your custom URL link wherever possible 

  2. Term, Suspensions, Cancelation

    1. Term

      1. The Vendor hereby engages Natural Habitat, and Natural Habitat hereby agrees to provide the Services to  the Vendor, from the Effective Date until such time as this Agreement is terminated.

    2. Suspension 

      1. Natural Habitat may suspend the Vendor’s use of any Services immediately for any reason  whatsoever including, without limitation, if it determines that: (a) the Vendor has materially  breached the Agreement (b) the  Vendor’s account has been, or Natural Habitat controls identify that it may be used for deceptive,  fraudulent, or illegal activity; or (c) the Vendor’s use of the Services has harmed, or Natural Habitat controls identify that it might harm, other sellers, customers, or Natural Habitat’s legitimate interests. 

    3. Cancelation 

      1. You cannot cancel your membership while items are still for sale on our site. Items will need to be removed by the shop manager before cancellation can be processed.

      2. You cannot cancel your membership while you have active orders for your products

      3. You will not be able to cancel your plan until after your initial 3 month minimum commitment. (This 3 months include the first 1 month trial) 

      4. You will also be able to cancel within the first month during your free trial.

    4. Liability 

      1. Subject to the provisions herein contained, termination of this Agreement shall effectively determine all of the obligations and liabilities of the parties hereto to each other, provided,  however, that, from and after the termination of this Agreement, each party shall indemnify and  save harmless the other from any and all expenses, costs, demands, liabilities, suits and causes of  action whatsoever arising out of or in any way connected with Services performed, and covenants  entered into, by such party in accordance with the terms hereof. On or within five (5) business  days following the termination of the Agreement, Natural Habitat will remove any and all of the Vendors Products  from the Natural Habitat webstore.

      2. No refunds or partial refunds will be given in the case of cancellation for any membership fees paid.

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