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Jordyn Head


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by Jordyn Head

Hand Woven textiles with a unique and funky twist. 


Each clothing piece has been thrifted and up-cycled from old and simple tank tops, leggings and t-shirts and turned into wearable woven garments! 


This style is inspired by - and made for festival fairies, dancers, fire and flow artists, and yogis.

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A Bit About Jordyn

Jordyn has been attending local festivals since she was a young child. She has always since been inspired by the way people express themselves through festival fashion. More recently Jordyn has travelled across North America to experience some of the worlds best festivals where she has become more passionate about bringing festival fashion to Winnipeg. 

As a Metis person, Jordyn has a magical connection to the practice of weaving passed down to her through her grandmother. Fusing woodland fashion into a meditative practice of knotting and weaving, you may begin to feel the deep roots of her culture when wearing her beautiful works of art! 

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